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Things to know about gem named Sapphire

In the world of gemstones, names such as Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz… have become extremely familiar. Every day these stones are still exploited, used to make jewelry, feng shui items and receive the admiration and admiration of countless people. What is Sapphire? What color are they? Sapphire is also known by people with another intimate name […]


Characteristic fat, plump, healthy and important contribution to economic development (farmer’s life) Pig is considered a symbol of health, prosperity and money. Let’s explore the folk beliefs about this extremely close and interesting animal. Pig is a symbol of health Originally an animal “Eat well and sleep carefully” indifferently, without thinking too much, but leisurely, […]

The famous shoes hit on social networks

Prophere shoes Adidas Prophere created a “whirlwind” on social networks from the very beginning because of its strong attraction that stole the hearts of all shoe lovers. Standard “quality play” in each line, this new “crazy” hit by Adidas makes many sneaker enthusiasts hunt. Soft yet luxurious nubuck leather, combined with thick primeknit woven fabric, […]

Kyrie 6 Pre-Heat, a shoe model that ballers welcome on Single day

On November 4 this year, basketball star Kyrie Irving revealed some pictures of Kryrie’s Pre-Heat 6. And it goes on sale on the 11th of that month, arguably the number 11 has a solid connection separate from Irving. It started with his father, Drederick Irving, who wore the number 11 jersey throughout his basketball career. […]