Launched shortly, Adidas Prophere gradually conquered the world fashion community. A series of fashionista and fashionisto around the world wear impressive outfits with the Prophere sneaker. Through this article synthesizing the most beautiful Prophere models in 2021, Tuloshop hopes that customers will choose their own shoes like, trendy colors that never go out of date.

In recent times, Adidas has been “moving” to improve and launch the Prophere shoe line. Not to be disappointed by the fans, these sneaker versions possess “shades” that are not suitable and quickly become items that are welcomed by many people.

If you are also an avid fan of this sneaker, still looking for a review of the materials & design of the Adidas Prophere as well as the price, color scheme, … then this is the article. for you. Join us now!

Quality evaluation & design of Adidas Prophere

As for the Adidas Prophere sneaker line, there is no denying its appeal in terms of design, style and color. Surely this will be a unique version that you have never seen anywhere.

If you are wondering whether or not to own the Adidas Prophere super product or not, please go through the review below.

The shoe body is made of premium, smooth primeknit

First of all, the shoe body uses high quality primeknit. Most of the “darlings” from the Adidas sports shoes brand use this material, because of its high elasticity, providing the most comfort and ventilation for the user during use, eliminating go with the thought “Wearing sports shoes is stew, hot, sweating”.

Spacious blade design, convenient for shoe wearing / insertion

The tail of the shoe stands out with alternating horizontal stripes

The unique end of the shoe with alternating horizontal stripes like a zebra acts as a dot in the back of the shoe. With a crimp neck design, it helps users easily grasp the tail when putting the shoe on.

How much is the Adidas Prophere?

Genuine Adidas Prophere has a selling price of $ 120, if including tax and shipping to Vietnam, the selling price at genuine dealers will range from 2,900,000 – 3,000,000 VND. However, there are cases where users have to spend 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND to own this item. Why is there such a price difference?

Mostly due to the need to “buy back” because the number of sales in the market is very small, there are many shoe enthusiasts willing to spend tens of millions of dong to buy the color scheme they like but are out of the market. from those who had previously “hunted” resale shoes. This difference is considered the “fee” that those guys have been waiting for and hunting.

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