Things to know about gem named Sapphire

In the world of gemstones, names such as Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz… have become extremely familiar. Every day these stones are still exploited, used to make jewelry, feng shui items and receive the admiration and admiration of countless people.

What is Sapphire? What color are they?

Sapphire is also known by people with another intimate name is Gemstone. They are formed under conditions of high pressure and temperature in the ground, whose main component is corundum (a special form of Aluminum Oxide – Al203). When crystallizing, due to the content of different impurities, Sapphire has a lot of colors. Red corundum, people still used to call them Ruby (rubies) while other corundum color is referred to as Sapphire.

Sapphire is a phrase originating in the Greek language, that is sappheiros, meaning blue stone. Legend has it that the sky that we have is blue is due to the reflection of these Sapphire stones. But actually, Sapphire possesses a very diverse color gamut. You can see that the Sapphire stone is yellow, purple, orange, green … But most is still the blue Sapphire and this is also the most expensive Sapphire due to less impurities and high transparency.

Engagement ring with Sapphire stone

Distribution of Sapphire stone

Currently in the world there are many mines and quarries quarried places such as in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia, North America, Pakistan, … even in Vietnam. Male.

In Vietnam, Sapphire appears in Quy Chau mines (Nghe An province), Tan Huong, Luc Yen (Yen Bai province), or in Di Linh, Tien Co, Da Ban, Dak Nong …

The exploitation of Sapphire stone

The exploitation of Sapphire stone in the ore mines can be done by means of rudimentary hand sieving method or by using mechanical support means. The most typical way that is currently being applied is:

The first use of mechanical machinery is hammerhead drilling to loosen the rocky soil tissue of the mining site.
Use simple and rudimentary handcarts to transport this layer of soil.
A high-tech machinery part will be put into use, screened and searched for Shapphire. At the end of the working day, the miners will check and recover this Shapphire quantity.

Check out precious Sapphire stones

Green sapphire is considered to be the most popular variety in the world. In fact, scientists have discovered that blue sapphire is actually a mix of blue with purple, purple or green. And this blue tone is also arbitrarily darkened.

Star sapphire is a type of sapphire that, when illuminated, displays a six-pointed star image. Star sapphires are quite rare in the world, and their value depends on many factors: the mass, color, shape and sparkle of the star contained therein.

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