Principle of choosing the color of shoes for men

When choosing men’s leather shoes, men and women are not only based on materials and styles but also pay attention to colors so that when coordinating with outfits or accessories are the most harmonious and polite. Let’s take a look at some of the most favorite and selected colors.

Black leather shoes – An indispensable shoe for men

If a black skirt is an indispensable item for women, men also need a pair of black shoes, because this shoe style is suitable for many costumes, from suit to jeans. When choosing this type of men’s shoe, you should choose a classic design, made of glossy leather, avoiding folds or elaborate patterns because the simpler it is, the easier it is to match. In particular, black shoes are very suitable for important occasions such as holidays, New Year, party …

Brown men’s shoes – The color of elegance

Around the world, handsome Italian gentlemen own a lot of black shoes, but only for really big events. Instead, they often prefer brown shoes because they are elegant, trendy and easy to coordinate with outfits. In addition to the traditional brown or black shoes, you should also equip your closet with cobalt blue, gray, moss green, red, yellow men’s shoes … with a classic style or a way to match your clothes and clothes. the space you appear in.

The colors of socks show sophistication

Never choose a pair of white socks to go with shiny black men’s shoes. That is the unchanging rule. Remember, the color of the socks must match the shoe color. As for sports shoes that are often used when walking around, you should replace high-necked socks with short collars. A exposed leg will make you look healthier and more comfortable.

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