Highlights Of The Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt You Can Not Ignore

Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt

We cannot deny the importance of a belt to the outfit. Belts not only help shape the set but also help you have a classy and trendy style with luxurious accessories. And one of the belts you should not miss is the Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt.

Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt with a moderate width

The first factor when choosing a men’s belt is the width of the belt. This width should not be too large because it will make the back of the pants rough, also should not be too small to avoid the waist part being blurred.

The Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt offers a width that meets the standards of luxury, moderately and beautifully. The width of the belt reaches 40mm. This is the correct width, so when using this belt, your hips will create an impressive highlight for the viewer.

Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt

Durable calfskin material

Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt genuine belts can be mixed with many different styles. You will look elegant with trousers – shirts with branded belts. Or if you want to be more active, you can mix belts with T-shirts – jeans, for example.

And to be able to use such a long-term, durable product must be made from high-quality materials. When looking at the product, you will see the beautiful durable calfskin material that is very delicate.

Exterior with characteristic Damier material

To create its own mark, characteristic of the Louis Vuitton brand, the belt is designed with a unique and familiar Damier exterior. Gray and black color combined with the striking patterns of the brand LV will help it bring a new color to your set.

The inside is made from premium calfskin

The inside of the belt is crafted with premium calfskin, which is very soft and shiny. On the inside, you will clearly see the delicate and meticulous seams of the product. In particular, information such as brand name, product code, belt index is also clearly indicated on the inside of this.

Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt inner

Beautiful LV Logo Lock

The main highlight is the Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt which is a stunning logo buckle. This logo lock part is also carefully designed so it will bring a sophistication that no product can have.

LV Damier Logo buckle lock

Belts can be adjusted to an arbitrary length

To be able to meet the needs of many different objects, Louis Vuitton 40mm Damier Belt brand Belts can also customize the length. You can loosen or collapse it to fit your 2nd round. Of course, when adjusting the length of the belt, the aesthetics of the belt will not be affected, so you can rest assured when using it.

Belts are affordable

Louis Vuitton Belt 40mm Damier Belt authentic goods cost more than $ 600. With a brand belt model like this, you can use up to 10 years. So, calculating the price that you use for a long time is really not as expensive as many people think.

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