Godhead with 3 personalized handmade leather bags


The handmade fever has never cooled down in youth fashion. Handmade items with distinctive, different, unique and creative characteristics are loved by young people because there is a space for them to freely create their own products. Handmade leather bags also attract a lot of young people by the elements.

Hand leather bag

Handmade leather bag template

Like other handmade products, handmade leather bags are appreciated by the meticulousness that the artist created it. Not only from the idea to the finishing of the product, but there is also the feat and soul of every handmade product.

Handmade leather handbags will carry the unique mark of each girl through each cut, sewing or the choice of skin color, combined with motifs or buttons, zippers. Feminine bags or other features are carefully selected in every detail in each step of finishing the product. Not only that, the creators’ enthusiasm is also spent more because handmade products, just a little bit adjusted to suit the owner, have also shown a different perspective, a different personality.

With leather bag models, perhaps the handbag has the most land to show off and show the most creations, because each style will have different pattern combinations and patterns. Both show the femininity and see the dust, both delicate, luxurious and generous.

Hand-held leather bag

Handmade leather purses are often the gift of choice for women or a wallet for men. These gifts carry a heavy spiritual meaning like a heart given from the giver to the receiver. Hand-held purses also often have their own imprints with names, letters or small patterns engraved.

Handmade leather backpack

Handmade leather bag template

Leather backpacks are often associated with boys or girls with strong, adventurous personality. Handmade backpacks especially attract these two objects because it shows all their characteristics, allowing them to create and express maximum “ego” on a daily sticking object.

For the backpack, the imprint is shown in the design, lock type, material and leather surface. That is both the highlight and shows the overview of who owns them while enhancing the usability of this accessory.

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