Do You Know What Replica, Super Fake Shoe Is?

Replica shoes - fake shoes

In the era of modernization 4.0, technology has evolved much faster, and  factories have also improved their techniques to mimic genuine products almost perfectly. While the price of big brand name products is expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them, then choose super fake or replica shoes are the top choice.

So let’s find out what replica, super fake shoes are right now!

What is a Replica shoe?

Replica (standard meaning) is the word used to describe meticulously reproduced genuine products, making it difficult for users to distinguish. According to the market language Replica is “high-tech fake”.

Replica products are considered “true copies” compared to genuine ones, but they are manufactured using cheaper materials, made massively, so the price is also cheaper than the real ones. In addition, Replica shoes are understood to be cheap versions of genuine shoes in many countries with high consumption but most of their income is not permitted.

Basically, Replica products are counterfeit goods, but on the surface, it is impossible to distinguish between imitation and genuine products. When you want to buy a genuine shoe, please collect knowledge about that product on the shoe websites to get the most out of the material.

Nowadays, some shops selling fake clothing/shoes often use the term “replica” for fake products sold in their stores. However, most of them are not really replicas, but just a certain type of fake. True replicas usually have a high price (usually 1/3 or even 1/2 to genuine products), replicas are often duplicated ON appearance extremely meticulously and accurately with genuine products, especially for the hot shoes in the market.

Nike replica shoe

What is a Fake or Super Fake shoe?

Counterfeit products are also known as “Fake” or “Super Fake”, well-known branded items are 99% identical, and users cannot recognize, including logo or production date, brand printed on the packaging is extremely sophisticated.

On the market today, there are many types of fake products floating with names as diverse as SF (super fake), f1, f2, f3 … fn However, most shops/stores are usually took their fake products types up 1 level, for example, selling fake 1 would say SF, SF would say replica..

f1, f2, f3, … fn = fake 1, fake 2, fake 3 … fake n. In terms of fake, it is impossible to tell how many types of fake ones are. In short, this term is often used to refer to the worst quality fake goods that outsiders also see as fake at first sight.

Super fake sneaker shoe

Because in the shoe market, there is a lot of counterfeit product, you should choose carefully to avoid buying a fake product with high cost. If you want to buy a genuine shoe, you should go to reputable store to buy for yourself.

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