5 tips to help you differentiate the extremely standard “good” and “fake” bags

Bags, perfumes, accessories … are items that any beauty feels “never enough” at all.

And the truth is that the demand for branded goods is increasing, but not everyone knows how to distinguish what is a “genuine” bag and what is a fake. In fact, many people have spent a huge amount of money to buy a fake “genuine” bag. Therefore, the following tips are for you to not turn yourself into chickens!

“Examining” to every small detail

It must be affirmed that a brand-name bag shipped will have to undergo a lot of pre-validation. With some reputable brands, the bags will last for about 3 days at 60 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity.

In order for them to reach consumers, they must be the most perfect products, with sharp seams, with no redundancy or even the slightest error. Because in the designer handbags, meticulousness and care are always on top.

Nhiều thương hiệu khi phát hiện đường may lỗi sẽ cho hủy hoàn toàn chiếc túi đó

This meticulousness and sophistication is reflected in each needle thread on each product. Because according to experts, just one broken needle line will leave a permanent gap on the bag.

Not only that, many master craftsmen also sit and count the number of stitches on each bag, if there is even one extra or missing stitch – the bag will be destroyed and ordered to be redone.

So, if you spot unintentional threads on any part of the bag – that will be a sign to question the quality of the product.

And even if the salesperson tries to convince you that it’s just a small product defect, don’t be fooled to believe it!

Pay attention to clasps, bags, zippers

Accessories of real handbags are always shiny without rusting over time
Accessories of real handbags are always shiny without rusting over time

Raw materials used for bags

Remember, a well-known brand does not use raw leather in its products. They always choose only good and high quality materials.

Most brand name bags today are made from animal skin such as calf, python, ostrich, crocodile … imported with expensive price.When touching real leather, you will feel soft and dry, while most imitation leather will feel greasy and slightly sticky.


Remember, an expensive designer bag always comes with a good packaging, often made of high quality material. And of course, they are also done meticulously, with no defects.

Details in the lining of the bag

The inside of the bag also needs to be designed for the user’s convenience. And especially the line inside the bag must be clear, not overlapping. Lock is not rusted or lack of certainty

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